What we do on the market — playing or working?

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3 min readAug 19, 2020


What we do on the market — playing or working?
Do we win, or do we make money? Let’s figure it out.

This point is important not because of linguistic subtleties, but because of the approach towards crypto-trading, as the result depends on the approach.
What is the difference between a job and a game?

Game features:

1. You can start and finish at any time.

2.The key is luck, which means factors you can’t influence.

3. Depending on point 2, there may be two outcomes of the game that differ drastically in the result. If the outcome is negative, new money is needed to continue the game.

4. The qualification of the player is not important, luck is more important.

5. At a long distance a positive outcome is not possible.

Work features:

1.There is a system that determines when to start and when to finish.

2. At any exit, the participant may continue as long as he or she deems necessary.

3. The participant’s qualifications are key.

4. There may be local failures, but on the course the result is always positive ( as long, as described in point 3, everything is on the level).

Applied to crypto-trading — if you enter the market and open a position on the entire deposit with a leverage of 1:100, then without luck you are nowhere.

Maybe it will work, but no more than 1–2 deals. The luck- this thing is changeable. It’s a game approach. I have a friend who used to have such fun back in the Forex. He starts 3–5K and opens a position with a leverage so that a 20–30 point movement gives him either doubling or elimination. But he never claimed to be a trader.

To find Shitcoin, which fell to the bottom, and buy it for 20K dollars, which was taken in credit, in the expectation that it has nowhere to fall — this is also a game approach, you can win the Darwin Prize in finance). In terms of qualification it’s enough to learn to push buttons, so to learn the game interface. If you take trading as a job, you need a system. Thus, there is a certain algorithm of actions on entering positions, on money management, on profit taking. The system should provide for the basic plan (plan A), assuming a high share of probability of price movement in a certain direction. In case a trader has estimated this probability incorrectly, there is plan B, which assumes a way out of the situation with minimal losses. A good system and high qualification of a trader suppose that plan A is triggered more often than plan B. And profit under plan A covers losses from cases when plan B has triggered.

Of course, luck is also necessary here, as all movements in the market are of probabilistic nature and often have no rational explanation.

But the key difference between the working approach and the gaming one — is that if your luck turns away, plan B will simply work for you and you will lose some of your earlier profits. Or you lose it right away, and you take it away later. And it’s just a working moment, not a disaster.

The answer to the headline question is, whoever plays in the market loses. Whoever works makes money.

But the obligatory condition — is qualification. After all, in order to work according to the system, it must first be created. And the market changes all the time, to the darkness, irrational events often take place there. That is, the system must constantly change and adjust to the market. And the right system and the ability to manage it must be built before the money runs out. This is not an easy task. But it’s solvable.

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