The most ambitious project of 2022 – Everave.

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3 min readOct 21, 2022

‼️Hi everyone. Recently I found a project which you better not miss out whilst it is still small.

Can you imagine getting money for partying? 🥳

▪️Everave app allows to find events and get discounts, offers and tokens from their partners! ◾️This mobile app changes the concept of organising parties and events. Finding and attending a social event you are interested in will be more accessible than ever. ◾️The main goal of Everave is to bring people together from all over the world so they may socialise, make new friends, and earn project tokens that can be exchanged for great rewards.

◾️The app, which is still in its Beta stage (Currently only available on Cyprus) goes through the final stage before worldwide release. Everave NFTs which give higher income and discounts in the app will be open to sale in December 2022. Moreover, a very promising project team is actively building up the community who believe in their idea and potential.

📣Join the community to be one of the first to witness Everave growth. The team also hosts a money giveaway, so stay tuned for further information and changes to the project.



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