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2 min readFeb 19, 2021

So I started an experiment with Digital Art👇

I chose NFTs based on standard ERC-721 which I’ve created on Opensea platform.

I was very surprised, when on the first day after listing an items, I found out that 2 of my NFTs were sold and the money came directly to my Ether wallet(I’m using Metamask). The price doesn’t really matters to me, as it’s an experiment, so I listed my items for a small price, to see how NFT tokens collectors would react.

I’m in the process of being accredited with one of the Top platforms Nifty Gateway, where selling prices of digital art reaches millions of dollars.
‼️So today you have a chance to buy my work for the minimal price.‼️

Who knows, maybe next year their price will increase by 100 times, I’ll do my best this to happen. I see a prospect in it and I see a new opportunity opening up for me.

Don’t miss your chance, here is the link to my account:👇


You only need a wallet (I recommend using Metamask) and some WETH! 🙂

Those who want to mint NFTs, there are great news for you-

Opensea platform allows you to create tokens completely free of charge, without paying gas fee, which is called Lazy Minting.

However to do this, you’ll need to make first 2 transactions after setting up an account, after that it’s completely FREE!💯

So create an account today and purchase your first NFTs💥

My account:👇


My collections:👇




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