Potentially perspective Altcoins from Top 100

In this article we have decided to analyze the most promising coins, which could not hold their positions, but nevertheless do not stop developing and have the potential to become an integral part of the future digital economy.


Zilliqa (ZIL) — is a scale-oriented platform that runs on Scilla’s own blockchain. The idea of the project is to create decentralized applications and payment processing. The project was launched in September 2017. Initially, the project was launched on Etherium network, but the launch of its own blockchain took place in 2019. The main difference between Zilliqa and Ethereum, is that Scilla’s blockchain uses sharding, i.e. the network is divided into many parts and each of them has its own node, that will process transactions and confirm only its own shard verification. Such a method helps to solve the problem of scalability, which any blockchain faces sooner or later.

Emissions and market capitalization

  • Emission — 13 504 149 893 ZIL.
  • Number of digital coins — 10 212 682 740 ZIL.
  • Market capitalization — $217,278,539.

Zilliqa Mining

Zilliqa uses a PoW consensus algorithm, which implies its mining with processors and video cards.

Prospects of the project

Blockchain Zilliqa involves the use of the sharding method, which eliminates the scalability problem and increases network capacity. According to the developers of the project, the speed of transactions passing through the blockchain Scilla, in the future will reach the speed of Visa and MasterCard payment systems.

However, the sharding also has the second part of the medal. In ordinary blockchains there is a 51% of attack probability, i.e. someone who has enough computing power can take 51% of the total network hash and create double transactions. If you resort to the sharding method, this problem can be avoided, but instead you can buy another — 1% attack. For example, using the sharding method, it was possible to divide the entire blockchain into 100 equal parts. You don’t need 100% of the processing power of the whole network, but only 1% to get one part. If you capture one blockchain part out of 100, as well as if you attack 51%, you can perform double transactions.

Zilliqa is a promising project, but it must have a perfect system to throw off 1% attack probability. So far, there have not been any cases behind the platform, and Scilla blockchain, is the first one to use sharding technology.

Current market position

The price of Zilliqa in 2019 was in the range from $0.02 to $0.004. In 2020, the coin takes 40th place in the rating of the crypto currency, traded at $ 0.021.

Comment on Zilliqa representative

We have sent a request to administration of the service and found out what plans the project has and what innovations we will see in the near future. This is what Zilliqa representatives said:

  • On the 18th of June, ZIL token stacking was launched on KuCoin exchange.
  • Cooperation with DEX Switcheo is developing, where ZIL token will soon be decentralized. As a result, Zilliqa token traders will be able to access digital assets on the Ethereum blockchain for the first time, which is necessary to support the growth of the DeFi Zilliqa ecosystem.
  • Zillacracy platform was launched, which allows Zilliqa users to create their own projects on the Scilla blockchain. Participants will also be able to help develop other products and receive remuneration in ZIL tokens.
  • In late June, Zilliqa launched Hg Exchange infrastructure — which was launched for institutional investors.

In other simple words, the project has many plans and areas of development, which indicates the far-reaching prospects for the platform Zilliqa.


Chiliz (CHZ) — is an ERC-20 standard token used as “fuel” on the soicos.com platform. The launch date is July 2019. The idea of the project is as follows — to consider opinions of sports and cyber sports teams fans. The team is registered on the platform and publishes news related to its further development, while fans vote for their favorite version. Those wishing to participate in the voting, should buy fan tokens, but their purchase is available only for tokens Chiliz. Sports clubs will receive a percentage of the completed transactions. The project uses two blockchains: a blockchain for Chiliz tokens and a sidechain where the voting results are recorded.

Emissions and market capitalization

  • Emission — 8 888 888 888 CHZ.
  • Number of digital coins — 4 567 138 633 CHZ.
  • Market capitalization — $65 135 405.

Chiliz Mining

There is no CHZ mining, as the ERC-20 standard token based on the Ethereum blockchain is used. Accordingly, the token Chiliz can only be purchased, on the exchange or inside the platform itself.

Prospects of the project

Now the platform cooperates with the following football clubs: Juventus, PSG, Barcelona, Atletico Madrid. In addition to football clubs, the project cooperates with one of the most successful OG eSports teams and the UFC mixed martial arts organization. Fans have repeatedly spoken positively about the project, as each one of them can influence the team’s future plans for a small fee. The opportunity to take part in the life of your favorite clubs with the help of Chiliz, only increases the loyalty of fans.

We can’t say that soicos.com — is a unique idea, but its implementation is so competent that the project manages to attract more and more sports brands for cooperation. The platform is creating a new ecosystem for cooperation between fans and sports clubs. For the platform itself, soicos.com creates unique customer base, which comes into the world of cryptology through sport. Football continues to be the most popular game in the world, while cryptocurrencies and eSports are still at the beginning of their journey, but they are already actively winning the audience. Therefore, in time Chiliz will reach new heights, and if you take a look at their road map, there are still many innovations ahead.

Current market position

During the existence of the coin its price was in the range from $0.017 to $0.014. Chiliz is ranked 92nd in the rating of crypto currencies.


Augur (REP) — ERC-20 standard token, released in April 2015. The product of the project — is a distributed platform where anyone, can make a bet or offer subject of dispute. You can bet on whatever you want, as well as offer: when the Third World War begins, when the Ice Age comes, will America pass under Russian control, etc. Those proposing the dispute subject are called “market makers” — they enter an initial deposit and divide it into “yes/no”. The percentage of each answer choice is not fixed, i.e. it can change depending on users’ interest and their bet on this dispute. In addition to the actions of the platform users, the percentage may vary from events that may affect the outcome of the bet.

For example: A bet was made on a football match between Spartak and Lokomotiv. According to the market maker, Spartak should win. If Spartak leads 2–0 on 89 minutes, the answer percentage will be higher, which means less win.

After the Augur release, there was a perception that this is a complex project, as it is written on thousands of smart contracts. But in fact, it’s a simple sweepstakes or betting — any analysis won’t help participants to understand what to bet on, in order to multiply their funds.

Right now, Augur is going through some bad times. This development is due to the fact that after its appearance, there was no competition, and the market for crypto currencies was not yet so saturated. After the appearance of new, promising coins, Augur systematically shifted from the leading positions. Accusations from the crypto community and some media outlets also contributed to this — in their opinion, Augur created a market of “hired assassins”, as the site hosted disputes about the murder of a media personality, about the nearest terrorist attacks or wars.

Emissions and market capitalization

  • Emission — 11 million REP.
  • Number of digital coins — 11 million REP.
  • Market capitalization — $169 928 077.

Augur Mining

All tokens were issued at once, so mining is not provided. You can purchase REPs on crypto exchanges or exchangers.

Prospects of the project

The project’s advisors include Vitalik Buterin. This doesn’t mean anything — Vitalik is on the board of at least 20 crypto projects and is not responsible for their developers. However, this has helped Augur to stay afloat, as new participants in the crypto market know who Buterin is and this fact becomes fundamental to invest in token. At the same time, you can’t belittle the efforts of the project team: if you go to GitHUB, you can see regular updates of Augur. At the end of 2019, Nasdaq added an index of DeFi projects where Augur was included. Also, during the midterm elections in the U.S. in 2019, the amount of Augur bets exceeded $2.5 million.

The project is regularly glimpsed in the media, and system updates are carried out — it is likely that we will hear more about it.

Current market position

The REP price was in the range of $8.60 to $9.50 for 2019. In 2020, the coin takes 44th place and is traded at $15.45.


Qtum (QTUM) — was based on the Ethereum blockchain and originally had an ERC-20 token, but after an ICO, the project moved to its own Ignition blockchain. The release took place in March 2017. The project is being developed by a group of Chinese specialists, who previously worked at Tencent, Alibaba, Baudi and Nasdaq. The project’s own blockchain acts as an alliance of Bitcoin and Ethereum blockchains. According to the developers, each of the blockchains has flaws, while Ignition does not — in other words, we have a network of decentralized applications of the new generation. With the help of ICO, the project has attracted 5,000 BTC. Their own ecosystem was developed on them in 2018.

Emissions and market capitalization

  • Emission — 102 505 376 QTUM.
  • Quantity of digital coins — 96 785 956 QTUM.
  • Market capitalization — $306 874 27.

Qtum Mining

The mining algorithm included in the coin- Proof of Stake (PoS). However, unlike coins that use the PoS algorithm, Qtum has a different implementation: any QTUM holder can perform the transaction and receive the reward, and it will be randomly selected.

Prospects of the project

There are project updates, but they are quite rare, as GitHUB says. According to the developers, they don’t want to release easy updates, in order to please the community. This was said before a major hardfocus on the Qtum network , that took place in the Fall of 2019. High expectations were placed on it, but it didn’t bring any progress on the project, although it improved the performance of smart contracts and optimized the performance of the blockbuster.

At the end of 2018, together with the Singapore company SpaceChain, Qtum sent a full-fledged working platform node into space. It can perform multi-signature transactions and launch smart contracts. Although this is a rather mediocre cause for pride, Qtum is the only cryptographic company that has a working node in outer space.

Representatives of the project are looking forward to the end of 2020, as a number of major upgrades have been planned, which according to them, should attract new audience for Qtum.

Current market position

In 2019, the price of Qtum was in the range from $2.20 to $1.60. In 2020, the coin takes 50th place in the crypto currency ranking and is trading at $1.69.

Binance USD

Binance USD (BUSD) — is a stablecoin of a single currency exchange, ERC-20 standard token, secured by US dollar. It was presented in September 2019 and was created by the Binance crypto currency exchange and Paxos company, which specializes in the preservation of cryptographic assets. It is worth noting that BUSD is the first stablecoin to receive support from NYDFS (New York Financial Services Deport). The management plans to make Binance USD one of the base currencies on Binance.

Emissions and market capitalization

  • Emissions are unlimited.
  • Number of digital coins — 163 464 821 BUSD.
  • Market capitalization — $163 722 051.

Binance USD Mining

Mining of stablecoin is not possible, you can purchase it on the official websites of Binance and Paxos at the rate of 1:1 with the US dollar.

Prospects of the project

Considering rapid development of Binance as a group of companies, it is fair to assume, that BUSD will actively develop further. With the crisis arrival in 2020, stablecoins are used as safe haven assets and the total capitalization of secured coins has increased by $7 billion since February. Apart from BUSD, Binance has stable coins backed by bitcoin (BTCB) and British pound (BGBP).

So far there is no news related to BUSD, but it is likely that by the end of the year it will develop rapidly, due to the difficult economic situation in the world.

Current market position

During BUSD existence, its value ranges from $0.88 to $1.11. Stablecoin ranks 48th in the crypto currency rating.


Lisk (LSK) — ERC-20 standard token, created and launched in January 2016. The project is an open blockchain platform, with the ability to create decentralized applications in JavaScript SDK language. Lisk acts as a siddecheck over the blockchains, allowing to connect different networks with each other. During the ICO, platform was able to attract $6 million.

The development team has focused on JavaScript, rather than proprietary code (ethereum) and has high hopes for the future. Lisk, like Qtum, is now in the shadow of Ethereum. Whether these coins can somehow get out of the shadows- is something we will find out in future.

Emissions and market capitalization

  • Emission — 140 247 714 LSK.
  • Number of digital coins — 124 193 102 LSK.
  • Market capitalization — $155 724 244.

Lisk Mining

The coin contains a DPoS consensus algorithm. Those wishing to engage in LSK molding must have at least 100 tokens in their accounts, to pay registration as a candidate and collect as many votes from the project community as possible. Mining award is divided between 100 delegates, depending on the number of LSK tokens in the account. If you don’t manage to get into the delegate list from the first time, you will be sent to the spare list, in case someone from the first hundred stops participating. In this case, your candidacy will be reconsidered.

Prospects of the project

Lisk developers initially focused on the JavaScript SDK with high expectations. In some way it’s understandable, because JavaScript is a simple and convenient programming language familiar to every programmer. However, the crypto industry has a leader in decentralized applications — Ethereum. This is why projects like Lisk and Qtum are in its shadow. It is also believed that Lisk’s price peak of $34, has helped to achieve Ethereum. Ethereum is becoming more popular and scalable, and this is why projects of this kind are becoming increasingly popular among community members.

However, Lisk doesn’t compete directly with Ethereum — these are completely different approaches for creation of decentralized applications. It should be noted that the coin is still managed and there are regular network updates. But in media terms, there is no any news about it.

Current market position

In 2019, the Lisk price was in the range of $1.24 to $0.67. In 2020, the coin takes 54th place in crypto currency ranking, trading at the level of $1.25.


Waves (WAVES) — A coin of decentralized p2p exchange Waves.Exchange, the release took place in 2016. The concept of the project is to provide a service through which users can exchange any assets in a decentralized way, without delays or fees. Waves acts as an analogue of Ethereum, with improved source code that can withstand more load than the Ethereum blockchain. An interesting feature of the platform — when creating a token on the Waves blockchain, it immediately appears on the Waves.Exchange.

Emissions and market capitalization

  • Emissions are unlimited.
  • Number of digital coins — 102 231 844 WAVES.
  • Market capitalization — $128 379 270.

Waves Mining

The Waves consensus algorithm — PoS, i.e. you can minimize without any equipment costs. But developers have gone even further and allowed coin holders to lease them full nodes. For this, the landlords will be charged a mining percentage and funds can be withdrawn at any time. The minimum coin amount for the mining — is 10,000 WAVES.

Prospects of the project

According to the crypto community, Waves is one of the most undervalued platforms. It’ s more powerful and functional than Ethereum, but still remains in its shadow, like other coins of this type. A distinct positive difference from its main competitor- is the presence of its own crypto currency exchange, which immediately leaves the tokens created on Waves, and the account on Waves.Exchange can be funded with fiat currencies, which not every crypto platform can boast. Improved PoS algorithm allows you to leave funds in leasing and receive interests for it, which depend on the number of Waves in the account.

Waves- is an improved version of Ethereum, which should be released in the nearest years. The media component of the project is also talking about implementation. In April 2020, the Waves.Exchange became a member of a charity campaign against coronavirus. And two days after that ,the Ministry of Communications has entered into the register of Russian software Waves Enterprise — the company will be in priority, when purchasing for national and municipal needs.

Current market position

In 2019, the Waves price was in the range of $2.73 to $0.97. In 2020, the coin takes 54th place in crypto currency rating, trading at the level of $1.26.


Nexo (NEXO) — overdraft platform, with the same name ERC-20 standard internal token. The presentation of the project took place in 2017. The head of the company Nexo is Credissimo service, which has been providing consumer loans online since 2007. The loans are issued as follows:

  1. You register on the platform and transfer your crypto assets.
  2. Submit a loan application. The value of your assets is assessed and a loan amount is offered.
  3. If you are satisfied with the amount, you will be transferred the equivalent of your crypto currency in Fiat and the funds in your account will be blocked.
  4. Loans are usually granted for one year at 8%.

Emissions and market capitalization

  • Emission — 1 000 000 000 NEXO.
  • Number of digital coins — 560 000 011 NEXO.
  • Market capitalization — $85 377 991.

Nexo Mining

Coin mining is not available, it can be purchased on the platform’s official website or on the stock exchanges.

Prospects of the project

DeFi-platforms are now being actively injected into the internet. With a new branch in the economy, the credit direction must also develop. Nexo- is one of the leaders in the sector, as it provides its services on more advantageous terms, compared to competitors. Usually, loans against crypto currency are issued less than 25–40% of the market value of the asset. The amount offered by Nexo, differs by a maximum of 5%.

In March 2019, a representative of Nexo announced that during 7 months of operation the company has issued about $300 million of loans, and net profit was $3 million. Such indicators were achieved by the platform after a year of work.

Another interesting feature is Nexo’s internal token, by purchasing it you will receive quarterly dividends. The company spends 30% of its net revenue to pay dividends. If you take the results for March 2019, the platform has allocated $900,000 to pay dividends, with 500,000 coins in circulation, this is almost $2 per coin. In this aspect, Nexo has no competitors.

Current market position

In 2019, the Nexo price was in the range from $0.07 to $0.09. In 2020, the coin is ranked 69th in crypto currency rating and trades at the level of $0.15.


BitTorent (BTT)- is a crypto currency of the same name project, launched in 2004. Justin Sun, founder of the TRON Blockchain platform, acquired the project in July 2018, with an estimated deal value of $126 million. The TRC-10 BTTT Token is released on TRON’s Blockchain to reward seating in the BitTorrent network. Even before the project was sold to Justin, BitTorrent was doing very badly, the download speed was dropping, sids were downloading the right file and leaving the distribution. To motivate the siders, they decided to introduce a BTT coin: for storing torrent files on their computers, users will be rewarded with BTT tokens. With their help, you can purchase licensed content, conduct strips, or sell on any exchange. Developers have immediately indicated that no transaction fees will be charged.

Emissions and market capitalization

  • Emission — 990,000,000,000 BTT.
  • Number of digital coins — 212 116 500 000 BTT.
  • Market capitalization — $64 208 030.

BitTorrent Mining

Coin mining in its traditional interpretation is not provided. You can get BTT coins by becoming a Sid, i.e. you can store the downloaded files on your computer and receive a reward for it.

Prospects of the project

Even before the project was purchased, Justino San was aware of the intention to create an internal token, which managed to attract the attention of investors. After the transition of BitTorrent to the Tron ecosystem, an ICO was held, as a result of which $15 million was attracted. Also, BTT airdrops will be held for all TRX coin holders until 2025.

The mid-2020, the coin price is less than at the time of listing. According to the project developers, their concept originally didn’t include a high BTT price, it is only needed for technical purposes, not for speculative ones. The crypto community was divided into two groups: the first one believes that BTT has the prospect of further development, and the second one — that Tron will be destroyed in attempts to resuscitate BitTorrent.

Justin Sun- is rather ambiguous figure. Crypto community is already familiar with his politics and the fact that his opinion can change like a vane. In addition, in early 2020, Justin Sun was accused of an attempt to attack 51% of the Steem ecosystem. Although all the facts point to him, Justin rejects the charges against him himself. This is not an isolated case of San’s involvement in unclear schemes, so it is difficult to make any assessment on the future development of BitTorrent.

Current market position

In 2019, the BTT price was in the range of $0.0004 to $0.0002. In 2020, the coin occupies 93rd place in cryptocurrency ranking and is trading at the level of $0.0003.


Bancor (BNT) — ecosystem with ERC-20 token, the project was released in January 2017. The idea of the project is to provide an opportunity to buy or sell unpopular tokens, at a reasonable price. These tokens are exchanged for BNT, which can be sold. Bancor takes 4th place in the ICO fees — $153 million for 3 hours. Such a financial support was found due to the problem, which is solved by Bancor, as it is also vital outside the crypto market. Special Smart tokens were created on the platform, for which any token can be exchanged. Smart token can also be exchanged for a BNT token.

Emissions and market capitalization

  • Emissions are unlimited.
  • Number of digital coins — 69 148 554 BNT
  • Market capitalization is $52,901,331.

Bancor Mining

Mining token is not provided, as BNT is just an exchange coin.

Prospects of the project

As it was mentioned earlier, Bancor solves the existing problem in the modern economy, so it has investments and followers. The platform allows you to convert any token to BNT, noting unnecessary transactions and costs. However, it cannot be said that the project is wildly popular within the community. Reasons may vary, but there is one case that could contribute to this.

In October 2018, cybercriminals were able to steal $13.5 million with the help of a Bancor wallet vulnerability. Despite cooperation with a number of crypto currency exchanges and tracking the stolen funds, the project failed to find out who was responsible and to recover the funds. This had a negative impact on the price of BNT, the cost of token dropped by 13% per day.

Two years later, Bancor developers discovered a new weakness in the smart contract protocol. The good thing is, that the attackers were not able to find it first. According to official data, the development team independently conducted an attack on the protocol, and then transferred the crypto to a secure wallet, thus, customers’ funds were not affected. However, there are several posts on Twitter from Bancor users that speak about the loss of funds due to this vulnerability.

If such an incidents will still continue, Bancor will be unable to buy a new audience and rehabilitate itself to the previous one. At the same time, the project has funds and a powerful development team for further development, but such failures reduce their work to zero.

Current market position

In 2019, the BNT price ranged from $0.65 to $0.22. In 2020, the coin ranks 102nd in the crypto currency rating and trades at the level of $0.76.


Based on all of the above-mentioned, we can draw an unambiguous conclusion that there are at least 10 other projects on the crypto market, that have perspectives for development and can potentially become a part of the crypto investment portfolio. Even despite the low capitalization positions, many of these projects are much more promising than the same BSV and a number of other coins. We recommend you to pay attention to them and keep an eye on their development. The new growth of the crypto market can potentially bring many X’s to those who believed in these projects.

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